We at sky Monkey prefer different type of wings and accessories. Here you wil find them and have a change to order them in the shop on the website, click here to go to the shop .

We at Sky Monkey belive that for a good flight a trike is just the half of it. A good wing is the other one. After a lot of flying with different wings two came out as the best. Ozone Sirocco 33 and the Independence T-Fighter 26. Both have great specs and they fly very nice. email us for prices. with or without trike.

The T-Fighter 26 is the best wing to Fly with all the Monkey’s. And with this wing you don’t need a A-Asist System. Sit back, full trhottle, and off you go. fly in comfort with the SMCS. Its also possilbe to order your T-Fighter in custom collors, Just email the Monkey”s HQ

HOLDUP, not into the air jet, We care about your safety so we always fly with a reserve. In our opinion the reserves from independence are good. well packed and lite. And last but not least, you wil hit the earth like a feather, well, we hope